Mason-Lindsay Post 385, The American Legion



The American Legion hall has a large banquet room, bar and kitchen that is available for rent to the general public for your special event.   

The American Legion staff are all volunteers.  Any gratuity is greatly appreciated. 


  • Cash bar available by requests. 
    • An open bar is also available.  Renter must settle the bar bill at the end of the event.
  • Tables and chairs included in hall rental price.
  • 75" Flat screen TV available.
  • Public address system available.
  • Serving window between kitchen and bar area
  • Free WiFi

Availability of Hall:

  • Check the event calender and choose several open dates.  
  • Contact Jenni at (608) 845-7857 to set/confirm a date and time.


  • Hall Rental (includes bar area)
    • 4 Hours             $200
    • 6 Hours             $250
    • 8 Hours             $350
      • 1.5 hours for set-up and 1 hour clean-up  is allowed at no additional charge. 
  • Kitchen Rental - $75 in addition to hall rental fee.
    • Renter is responsible for cleaning all appliances and countertops.
    • Renter must furnish their own dishes, utensils and cookware.
    • Renter may not use the dishwasher or anything in the cupboards or drawers.
  • Other:
    • ​​​Microphone rental                                                 $10.00
    • Coffee Service (includes coffee and cups)
      • 55/60 Cup Coffee Urn                                        $25.00
      • 14 Cup Coffeemaker                                          $15.00
      • Condiments (sugar/cream)                                $5.00
    • Plates, Cups, Glasses, etc.                                     Ask for a Quote

NOTE:  Post members (Legion, Auxiliary and SAL member) should inquire about special pricing they may be entitled to.


  • Renter hires own caterer(s).
    • Caterer(s) must be preapproved by owner. 
    • Post receives $0.50 per plate provided by caterer from hall renter.
    • Post is not responsible for cost or quality of food purchased from a caterer.
  • Renter will furnish and cater own food.
  • Post Caters:
    • Post furnishes all food. 
    • The renter is to provide the owner with a guaranteed head count no later than 10 business days prior to event.
    • No changes can be made after the guaranteed head count is given.
    • The charge for the food will be based on the guaranteed head count.
    • Price per person will be determined at the time the menu is set.
    • The menu must be set no later than forty-five (45) days prior to event or on the date the event is booked if booked less than 45 days prior to the event date.
    • The price per person is subject to increase up to thirty (30) days prior to the event due to an increase in market prices.
    • Renter has the right to renegotiate the food service portion of this contract if the price increases under this paragraph.



    • The Post does not permit the serving or consumption of alcoholic beverages to/by anyone under the age of 21.  Proper identification will be required for service.  Anyone caught providing a person under the legal age with an alcoholic beverage will be reported to the proper authorities.
    • Post will furnish a licensed bartender if bar service is requested.  Bartenders are volunteers.  Any gratuity is greatly appreciated.
    • An open bar can be arranged with bartender. (Must be paid at close of event)

    • All alcohol beverages and beverages must be purchased from the Post. Absolutely no alcohol beverages are permitted to be brought into or carried out of the Post.